April Griffin for Hillsborough County Tax Collector
April Griffin for Hillsborough County Tax Collector
April Griffin for Hillsborough County Tax Collector
April Griffin Hillsborough County

As a school board member April was always there for you fighting against the status quo! Vote April for Hillsborough County Tax Collector and end the long lines. You deserve better!

We have seen the stories. The long lines. The callous bureaucracy. The current administration has been dialing it in for a long time and it shows. You can read it about here

The failures of this office do not lie with the employees. It is a failure of leadership. Now they want to sell you more of the same. But don’t be fooled. The current Tax Collector wants to hand pick his successor and take away your right to choose.

A vote for April is a vote for transparency and change!

5 Star Service - April Griffin - Tax Collector

Did you know there are quasi-governmental agencies who hold citizens’ id renewals and vehicle registration renewals hostage for fees that these organizations are unwilling or unable to justify?

With April, offices will have case workers who will act as navigators to help guide community members who need extra help in dealing with these other agencies. It will be April’s mission to knock down barriers to securing the services that stand in the way of what you need.

As a long-time advocate of persons with special needs, April will ensure that that tax collection service centers and online services will go above and beyond the requirements of ADA.

5 Star Service - April Griffin - Tax Collector

April’s plan includes expanding hours Monday through Friday and offering Saturday hours. She will also make sure that staff is cross trained so they can re-deploy during peak times or stress events, such as Covid 19.

5 Star Service - April Griffin - Tax Collector

Upon taking office, April will assess the needs of the county and redeploy retail service centers as needed. To help manage the immediate demand created by Covid 19, she will investigate ways to expand existing retail center capacity. April also plans on applying for grants in to purchase mobile units that would allow the deployment of a fleet of full-service mobile offices to under-served communities.

April will also work to partner with businesses to create a schedule where employees can access services at their jobs via these mobile offices without taking time off from work.

The mobile offices can also be used at retail service centers to relieve long waits during peak times of the year and stress events, such as Covid 19.

5 Star Service - April Griffin - Tax Collector

April will use her knowledge of information technology and psychology to improve existing online services. But sometimes you just need an in person visit to a retail service center. And when that happens you will have more options.

Part of April’s plan is to create an app that will allow our customers to see the wait times at each retail service center as well as the location and wait times of the mobile offices so that you can find the service center that best suits your needs.

She will also have a check-in system that will allow people to wait in the comfort of their cars and receive a text when they are ready to be seen.

As the former owner of a software development company, April has the knowledge to inject technology in an agile manner. April knows how to get IT done.

5 Star Service - April Griffin - Tax Collector

April fought for financial transparency and led the investigation that revealed $300 million in misspent taxpayer dollars that the School District Administration was trying to hide then she was instrumental in replacing it

During her 12 years on the Hillsborough County School Board April was a financial watchdog who protected the students and taxpayers of Hillsborough County

  • Elected countywide three times as Hillsborough County School Board Member and served 12 years
  • Elected Chair of the Hillsborough County School Board twice
  • Director of Human Resources, Hillsborough County Public Defender’s Office
  • Three-time President of Florida Career Pathways Network
  • Business owner of a software development company
  • Native of Hillsborough County
  • Married to Brian Griffin for 30 years
  • They have two adult sons and two cats
  • B.A. in Organizational Studies with a public leadership track from Eckerd College
  • Enjoys kayaking and fishing
  • Helped lead the school district to increase graduation rates from 63.9% to 82.9%
  • Successful in closing the achievement gap with minorities
  • Strengthened career and technical programs, creating increased enrollment
  • Led the charge to uncover school district financial mismanagement and worked to re-balance the budget
  • Respected religious diversity in the school calendar and the district’s absentee policy
  • Added transgender protections to the district’s over-arching anti-discrimination policy, which earned recognition from Equality Florida
  • Addressed safety, personnel and equipment deficiencies in the district’s transportation department
  • Added protections for special-needs children
  • Worked with County Commission and private business sector to create the Manufacturing Alliance, which helps create jobs for graduating students
  • Helped lead the charge and worked collaboratively with government, not-for-profit, and private agencies to create a county wide civil citation program to help deter youth from jail for nonviolent, low-level offenses
  • Honored by Creative Loafing for the Best of the Bay for her work advocating for children and elders
  • Certified Everything DiSC Trainer and Facilitator
  • Attended Hillsborough County Public Schools

Paid for by April Griffin, Democrat, for Hillsborough County Tax Collector